About us

For any student finding appropriate housing in Amsterdam is usually a big problem. The number of available rooms is too small and the rents are often frightfully high. Music students are no exception to this rule of shortage, and even present an extra problem. Indeed, they produce noise when at work, often not to the delight of their neighbours.

In 1979 the housing shortage amongst this specific group sparked a group of individuals engaged in the world of music and the conservation of historic buildings to take action. They established the Jan Pietersz. Huis Foundation aiming to provide affordable housing for ‘young singles or couples, especially music students’. For the allocation of the rooms close ties were established with the cities’ conservatory, a cooperation that exists to this day to mutual satisfaction. On the 20th of March 1982 the first house of the foundation was inaugurated, a newly constructed building in the heart of the ‘Jordaan’ area of central Amsterdam housing twenty music students.

Currently the number of rooms of the Jan Pietersz. Huis Foundation has grown to almost 350. They are located in bigger and smaller buildings spread over various districts of Amsterdam, some newly designed, others rebuilt or restored. Not that the housing shortage has been fully addressed – there still is a sizeable waiting list. It is however a fact that over the last thirty five years hundreds of students have been enabled to live and study in the sound insulated accommodations of the Jan Pietersz. Huis Foundation. Reason for the foundation to look back with satisfaction, but at the same time to remain fully active.

G.J.T.M. van den Bergh (President)
M.J. Lodewijks (Secretary)
K. A. ter Horst
E. Righini
N.J. van der Wal (Treasurer)

C.G.C. Quarles van Ufford