Privacy statement

Version March 2018

If you register for the waiting list of or rent housing from the Stichting Jan Pietersz. Huis (hereinafter also: the Foundation) or if you apply for membership of the Vereniging Vrienden van het Jan Pietersz. Huis (hereinafter also: the Association) we will require personal data.

The Foundation and the Association will use and protect your data in accordance with the requirements of the law.

In this statement you can read which data we use and for which purpose. Thus you will know exactly how we treat your data.

Which personal data do we require?
To enable the letting out of housing and the payment thereof, the Foundation collects your:

•  Full name;
•  Nationality;
•  A colour copy of your identity card or document
•  BSN or similar;
•  Address;
•  Telephone number;
•  E mail address;
•  Date of birth;
•  Payment data;
•  Study data, including student number;
•  Parents data;
•  Data of a third party paying your rent;

For the purposes of communication (including a newsletter), convocation for meetings and the administration of (membership) payments, the Association collects your:

• Full name and address;
• Telephone number;
• Email address;
• Payment data;

At the end of your membership you will be automatically unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Contact with building contractors
If works (repairs or maintenance) need to be performed to your housing, the Foundation will provide our contractor with your name, address, telephone number and/or email address. This will enable the contractor to make an appointment with you.

Our contractors will only receive the data necessary for making an appointment with you. Our contractors will never use your personal data for any other purpose.

Protection of your personal data
We do not want anybody to misuse your personal data or access them without proper authorisation. For this reason we will carefully protect your personal data. Should something go wrong despite our protection and it causes you harm we will inform you as soon as possible.

When do we provide your personal data to others ?
We will only provide your personal data to others:

• In the events mentioned in this privacy statement.
• If this is necessary to carry out appointments, agreements or other engagements with you.
• If this is legally required (for instance in case of a suspicion of fraud or abuse by a tenant).

In other situations we will always ask for your permission.

Applicability of this privacy statement
This privacy statement applies to all people who register on our waiting list and/or rent housing from us or are clients of the Foundation in any other form. It further applies to members of the Association or those who apply for membership.

Changes to his privacy statement
We reserve the right to amend this statement. We recommend you to consult this statement regularly, to make sure you are aware of any changes.

Accessing and changing your personal data
If you would like to review the collected data or apply changes? Please contact us via the contact page.